Pleasure or pain?

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One of my mantras has always been that life is led by choice and not by chance. It’s true that we cannot always control the cards we are dealt in life but what we can control is how we choose to play them.

It’s not the events that happen to us that count but the meaning we associate with them, how we respond and who we choose to become as a result that determines how successful and fulfilled we ultimately are.

We all have choices ultimately we can choose to be victims of chance or learn and grow from chance and make choices about how we are going to move forward and deal with them.

From my previous blog you would have learnt that running for me was not natural and rather something that I chose to do following the breakdown in my marriage. I could have chosen to curl up in a ball and rock backwards and forward in the corner of the room or look at this situation from a different perspective. I chose to take up running as a way of getting away from my stresses and keep the negative thoughts out of my head.

We can chose to lead our lives by our circumstances or learn from them and make better choices.

More recently I have upped my running. To a point that I have had to take a weeks rest as I was running way too much. In fact rather than running for fitness I was running away from my problems I had created in my head. Running is a natural endorphin and I was getting my high each time I went running however I was simply masking pain. So by choice I haven’t run for a week and I am dealing with my mental pain. Almost punishing myself by overtraining and punishing myself for not being perfect. Here is me emotional and not dealing with my head and running way too much.

Where to now? my week of rest is almost complete and tomorrow instead of running to work I am jumping on my bike. The round trip to work and back will be about 24kms. Cross training at this point is imperative if I want to maintain flexibility and strength. I cannot afford mentally to not run as it is part of my over health and wellbeing but I must learn balance and not run away from my head. With just over 5 months until my ultramarathon I must stay focused on training properly and not let my emotional brain take over.

For anyone looking at getting back into exercise I can recommend booking with my Exercise Physiologist Stacey here at the Padstow Chiropractic. She is making me accountable and keeping me as focused as she can. Call no on 9792 3135

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November 25, 2015

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