Nutrition and Herbalist

Evidence based Nutritional and herbal medicine help to assist the body to heal by seeking to treat the underlying cause of disease from a holistic perspective. Treatments are tailored to suit you as a unique individual and are designed to assist the self- healing capacity of your body.

Nutritional medicine not only addresses specific nutrient deficiencies and methods of correcting these deficiencies using food as medicine and/or the prescription of specific nutritional supplements but also considers the way a person absorbs and utilizes nutrients to support normal bodily functions and enhance wellbeing.

Western herbal medicine (WHM) is both a traditional and evidence based form of healing.  The World Health Organisation states that “in many developed countries, 70-80% of the population has used some form of alternative or complementary medicine” and also states that “herbal medicines are the most popular form of traditional medicine” Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used system of medicine today and consists of medicines made solely from plants.  Herbs are most commonly administered in the form of a tablet or capsule, tea, or liquid herbal extract made to meet an individuals health needs.

We are committed to helping you feel better, whatever state of health you are in but has a particular interest in assisting with chronic health conditions such as digestive disorders, auto-immune diseases, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and states where a person’s immune system is compromised (frequent colds, flu’s, infections), women’s health (PMS, PCOS, Infertility, Natural fertility management, hormonal imbalance, menopausal symptoms), children’s health (anxiety, poor concentration, study support, digestive disorders, poor immune function).