Exercise Rehabilitation

Specialises in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.

Develop muscular strength and stability to enable the body to perform daily tasks without putting the joints under excessive load.

Develop core stability to help maintain posture, minimise stress through the spine and alleviate back, hip and knee pain.

Current evidence supports physical activity and exercise as an integral treatment for both primary and secondary prevention and the treatment of chronic disease.

Research has proven that exercise, at the correct intensity and duration, not only improves the quality of life – it decreases the incidence of disease, chronic health conditions and obesity. Our nation faces growing health problems including a variety of chronic diseases and health complications such as: obesity, heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression and anxiety, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Dr Nicole Lawler offers Clinical Pilates as part of her client rehabilitation, as one of the paths to get her patients back to wellness. She uses DMA Clinical Pilates treatment methods, which are used in leading clinics, hospitals and National Institutes of Sport throughout Australia, Asia and the UK.

Clinical Pilates separates problems from symptoms using a unique clinical prediction tool. It¹s now proven that subgrouping patients provides better exercise outcome prediction than homogenous core stability programs. This makes DMA Clinical Pilates unique. The program is adaptable, which means it is ideal for a number of uses including:

• €rehabilitation

• a preventative measure to avoid further injury

• €pain management

• €general health and well-being

• €suitability for surgery


How can we help you?

• Create an exercise program that helps you achieve your fitness goals

• Instruct you in the right way to do the exercises

• Monitor your progress and adapt the program so you continue to improve

• Provide encouragement and feedback on your progress.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are recognised allied health professionals who specialise in exercise interventions for people who have a high risk of developing, or already have chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries.

They design and deliver exercise programs. They have a wide range of knowledge and skills and work across a variety of areas in the health, exercise and sport science fields, and may specialise in:

  • exercise for rehabilitation
  • exercise for health and wellbeing
  • exercise intervention
  • chronic and complex medical conditions
  • musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • work conditioning and
  • improvements in sports performance